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Transition Ottawa | Transition to a sustainable future
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Local resilience – renewable energy – sustainable business

Transition Ottawa is part of a positive-visioned, international, grass-roots movement working towards a sustainable way of life. Transition solutions include renewable energy, energy and resource saving, food growing, building community and increasing local resilience. Transition businesses are sustainable, using efficient closed loops, local labour and materials and creating long lasting products. A comfortable life and thriving economy while reducing emissions and pollution is 100% possible!  Join us using the form below!


Transition Ottawa members meet at Jack Purcell for informative presentations by professionals and TTO members and informal discussions.

Click here for our coming meet-ups


Business opportunities – products and services needed

Investment opportunities – good returns during unstable economic times

New economic model

A fully transitioned Ottawa would be renewably powered. Most staple foods would be grown locally and organically, efficiently using rooftops and NCR and greenbelt land, the latest hydroponic and aquaponic technology, subterranean heat sinks in passive solar and hoop greenhouses for year round growing giving Ottawa food security, fresh healthy produce and numerous local jobs.

Imagine clean air and quiet streets as we transition to electric buses, light rail and new forms of transport like electric pedal hybrid solar-recharging micro cars, and hyperloop trains travelling twice the speed of airlines. Living comfortably AND sustainably is 100% possible.

Climate action rally, outside parliament, Ottawa, October 2015
25,000 people write with their bodies “100%” possible!