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About us | Transition Ottawa
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Transition Ottawa was formed in the summer of 2009 by a group of concerned individuals who began to see increasing hope for community sustainability and resilience through the transition concept. We are heartened by the sheer number of initiatives that people are already taking in communities and neighborhoods throughout the Ottawa area and the passion and commitment of those involved.


In August 2009, a ‘Transition Ottawa Formative Group’ began meeting to guide the activities of Transition Ottawa and to begin the planning process to have Ottawa formally recognized as a transition town. A month later, the Transition Town network approved Ottawa’s application to be recognized as a ‘formal’ Transition Town.

Transition Ottawa is a recognized non-profit organization.

Local Focus—Worldwide phenomenon

The rapid rise of Transition Towns around the world, with the hundreds—by now perhaps thousands—of villages, towns and cities everywhere whose citizens are climbing aboard, has all the characteristics of a massive social movement, except, it is a movement without leaders beyond the local level. It is truly a grassroots phenomenon, not driven by politics or markets, but by a genuine desire to, simply, make things better. Here and now. In this neighbourhood. In this community. On this street. In this house. In this heart. It’s a joy to watch it take shape.

Getting from here to there is not going to be easy. No one here has any illusions. But the energy we see is the energy of people who treat obstacles not as brick walls but as challenges and for whom nothing is impossible. There have been crises before, perhaps of a different kind, and, resilient and inventive species that we are, we have met them, or our ancestors did.


What are the objectives of Transition Ottawa?

Collective transition to joyous sustainable living.

Does Transition Ottawa cover just the core city, or does it include outlying areas?

We are considering the Ottawa bioregion – the south side of the Ottawa river water shed as a potential area. Within this area, there may be many smaller transition towns or districts

Is Transition Ottawa affiliated with any political party?

No. The transition movement is more about people taking their own initiatives, embarking on projects and endeavours that make a difference in their own neighborhoods and local areas. Transition Ottawa exists to support and encourage networking among these grassroots efforts, not to support any political party. Indeed, those passionate and committed about the transition concept come from all political flavours. If a movement grows to have Ottawa considered formally as a transition town, there will be a requirement to liaise and interact with municipal Councils.


What is a Transition Town?

A town collectively meeting the challenges of peak oil and climate change

How does a municipality become formally recognized as a Transition Town?

To become a ‘formal’ transition town, a set of criteria has to be met, as judged by the Transition Town network in the UK, including the establishment of a steering committee that understands the twin issues of climate change and peak oil, and a commitment to network groups around the city and other transition towns. Here is a more detailed look at the criteria.

Are there other Transition Towns in Canada?

Yes! And the number is growing all the time.