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Action | Transition Ottawa
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Every action counts.

Climate change, species loss and pollution are physical and demand physically active responses. While Transitioners think and plan, it is feet-on-the-ground action that will turn things around.

Our transition begins with us – walking and biking rather than driving; recycling, switching off appliances, replacing incandescents bus with LED, Every energy saving and recycling, every voice supporting green leaders, every time we shared borrow rather than buy new helps. Our words carry little weight when we don’t walk our own talk.

Our own lives are embedded in our immediate towns and cities. Here local bylaws, councillors and policy makes a collective difference.

We are collectively awakening to the impact day-to-day actions in wealthy industrial countries have on developing countries. Simple actions no everyone used to think about, like buying berries in the middle of winter, eating beef, flying to two-day business conference and eating inorganic food, are starting to weight on our conscience. Actions previously considered ‘normal’ are being reconsidered and replaced by more sustainable actions as we see the global impact. Oil, chemicals, planned obsolescence and needless consumption will all be replaced by more sustainable ways of sourcing our needs. Our jobs will also change, as will the very economic model we currently take for granted, and be replaced by gentler systems such as this one here