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Local Focus—Worldwide phenomenon

The rapid rise of Transition Towns around the world, with the hundreds—by now perhaps thousands—of villages, towns and cities everywhere whose citizens are climbing aboard, has all the characteristics of a massive social movement. Except, it is a movement without leaders beyond the local level. It is truly a grassroots phenomenon, not driven by politics or markets, but by a genuine desire to, simply, make things better. Here and now. In this neighbourhood. In this community. On this street. In this house. In this heart. It’s a joy to watch it take shape.

Paris talks

Canada has signed the Paris agreement along with 195 countries, and is now putting out a call for ideas to help meet its targets. Catherine McKenna’s climate action ‘Town Hall’ meeting in the Glebe Community centre, April 2016, was packed solid with engaged, thinking people willing to step up and make a difference, including many Transition Ottawa members. Every idea pitched was effectively a ‘transition’ idea – transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, from petrol burning cars to electric, from food and products shipped from around the world to local. Transitioning will be a key focus of the next decade or so.

Climate action ‘Town Hall’ with MP Catherine McKenna, April 2016