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Groups | Transition Ottawa
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The Transition Movement are non-hierarchical. All members are empowered to initiate groups and actions. This website is a focus point to facilitate meeting and connection with like-minded people.

People power working together makes things happen. Many TTO members had joined groups on our previous site based on locality or topic. This page will host sign up forms for each individual who would like to initiate action. This could be a group to support or put ideas to leaders in ridings or wards. It could be a neighbourhood venture on any scale. Groups also form around interest areas like electric vehicles and permaculture food growing.

When you get an idea for a group, contact With help from transition members we can set up a mailchimp sign up form, and a message in the next newsletter alerting members that a new group has formed with a link to the site. pages

If you’d like a page on this site to promote your favourite area/concern/place of innovation, WordPress will (I believe) be able to offer members their own pass protected page. Write to to have your own page.