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Re-skilling | Transition Ottawa
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A key concept of the Transition response is the idea of reclaiming some areas of knowledge and basic skills that were part of the fabric of life just a few generations ago. Skills such as growing our own food and preserving it, cooking with whole, local, seasonal food, making do with what we have, mending and repairing rather than throwing away and buying new and producing more of the goods that we need with local materials, are just a few examples of the things that will again become important to living well in a less resource intense, more localised future.

As well as providing resiliency in changing times, reskilling can foster a sense of competence, empowerment and accomplishment that comes from concrete, practical engagement in the stuff of life. The development and application of these skills also offers opportunities for community building!

Given all these good reasons, Transition Ottawa wants to play a role in re-equipping people with hands-on skills, and in supporting the ongoing evolution of these skills as new ideas and new local materials arise.

The Transition Ottawa Reskilling Group aims to play a significant role in helping our neighbourhoods and communities become better equipped to manage a shift to a more resilient and less resource-intensive way of life.

We hope to do this in a number of ways and on many levels:
1) researching and consolidating information for relevant programs, classes, courses etc. that currently exist in the Ottawa area

2) connecting with existing groups and organisations and providing support where appropriate

3) filling in the gaps by offering quality, enjoyable training, workshops, learning circles for a variety of reskilling opportunities

4) connecting, supporting and working with Transition Ottawa members in this area

Here you will find the information and links to existing programs and organisations in the Ottawa area already providing opportunities as well as information on upcoming Transition Ottawa reskilling workshops and related events. This page is a work in progress. Check back often for updates and additions!

Please feel free to add information to the resources already here and share any suggestions and comments about particular skills you would like to see offered. We are also looking for people to offer training. Please contact Amber Westfall if for further information and questions.

Food and Food Production
Online resources
Wild Fermentation

Making Sauerkraut

Gardening 101- Ottawa Horticultural Society

Home canning

Love Food- Hate Waste- Tips and strategies to reduce food waste

Existing local opportunities
Just Food – check often for upcoming workshops on gardening, farmer training, food preservation

Tucker House- Our Food Choices & the Environment -mobile workshop

Canadian Organic Growers- Organiv Veggie Gardening Workshop Series (pdf)

Ottawa Parks and Recreation Guide (pdf)

Craft Ontario- Farm internships

Wild Edibles

What else?
SOIL- Canada’s Sustainable Farm Apprenticeship Program

Health and Safety
Online resources
Government of Canada- Emergency Preparedness at Home

City of Ottawa Services for Seniors

Existing local opportunities
First Aid- Red Cross

First Aid- St. John’s Ambulance

Centretown Community Health Centre

Sandy Hill Community Health Centre

Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres Ottawa

Herbal medicine- Kathleen Leeson

Herbal medicine- Judy Henry

What else?
palliative and hospice home care

House & Home
Online resources
Lawn and garden

Water efficiency


The Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa- Lawn and garden tips
Canada Green Building Council- LEED Education
Existing local opportunities
Seventh Generation Projects – Lectures, tours, workshops, and resources on a wide variety of topics including: solar & wind energy, energy efficiency, straw bale housing, simple living, permaculture, healthy homes, and more.

Ottawa Catholic School Board Continuing Education– DIY courses covering a range of topics including, crafts, gardening, food, nutrition, soap making etc.

Yarn Forward– Knitting and sewing classes
Wabi Sabi– Knitting, spinning, weaving, felting, sewing
What else?

Neighbourhood & Community
Online resources

Existing local opportunities
Full Circles

Faith and the Common Good
City Repair
What else?

Online resources
Energy Efficiency

Electricity Conservation- PDF

Existing local opportunities
Solar H2Ottawa

What else?

Online resources

Citizens for Safe Cycling

Existing local opportunities
re-Cycles BicycleCo-op

Continuing Education — General Interest Program